I am the head team physician for North Bergen High School and have been sending all of my injured athletes, as well other patients, to Michelle Tawil for a number of years. She is extremely professional, knowledgeable, and provides the highest quality of individualized care to our patients. She communicates with myself and my staff on and ongoing basis in order to effectively treat our patients. I strongly recommend choosing Michelle as your physical therapist.
Dr. Christopher AhmadHead Team Physician, New York Yankees | Vice Chair of Research, Department of Orthopedic Surgery
I underwent a total hip replacement last July. After 2 week rehab at home I started my longer term rehabilitation at one of the larger, mulita-location Physical Therapy warehouses and after months of treatment found myself in more pain than when I started. So what was I do? I stopped physical therapy for a few months and then a lifelong friend said, just go to Michelle and all will be good. So I made an appointment at Tawil Physical Therapy and soon after my sessions began I started to think about the book I might write titled “Fifty Shades of Black and Blue.” Who would have thought that so much pain would bring relief to my physical condition. The attention, care, constant pushing for a little more and overall the spirit of the team at Tawil is impossible for the larger establishments to achieve and gives Michelle’s group a distinct advantage. It was like night and day compared to the warehouse approach I was using before. Michelle, Lazarita, Michael, and of course the ever pushing for a little more drill sergeant Stefany work together as a unit dedicated to helping me and I can’t thank them enough. So have no doubts you’ve come to the right place and when your therapy is finished please write a chapter for me.
Arthur Winter
My experience at Tawil Physical Therapy was outstanding. I can honestly say I was better in less than two weeks due to the thorough evaluation at the onset of my problem. By the way, my problem was sciatica, which was extremely painful, however due to the coordinated and team effort of all at Tawil Physical Therapy I am all better and so thankful to their "Healing Hands". I highly recommend Tawil to anyone and will surely return whenever the need arises.
Patricia Allegretta
I had an outstanding experience and overall results from the therapy I received at Tawil Physical Therapy, so much so that this was the first place I thought of when one of my loved ones required the same service. I truly thank Dr. Tawil and her staff for their support and caring approach towards improving and healing all their patients!
Rafael Ahumada
The doctor is super-efficient and very knowledgeable. I came into the office to treat my TMG. I was really swollen from my face and could not open my mouth. Just with the first day I felt improvement. The doctor has super advanced equipment. She is the best and very professional.
Marilyn Chaguay
I have nothing but good things to say about Dr. Michelle Tawil and the staff in the office re equally as superb. Dr. Michelle is truly a great doctor and I have faith in her ability to begin with, she goes out of her way to ensure that her patients are well taken care of. She listens carefully, is extremely caring and explains everything promptly so that it is easily understood. I am very pleased that Dr. Michelle asked me to write this review and I recommend her to anyone, and assure you that you won't be disappointed.
Vira Saklatwalla
My name is Aracelli, When I first got here I was very hurt and had a lot of difficulty walking, running or doing anything that had to do with putting pressure on my foot. I hurt myself playing soccer and I was out for almost a month, but being here had helped me so much! The people here are very nice and patient and had helped me recover for many weeks. At first I had a few problems with certain activities but now I do them like it's nothing. Being here has motivated me to keep pushing myself and that no injury is a must stop. Now I'm back on the field better than ever helping out my team and I would like to thank everyone from Tawil Physical Therapy who has helped me fully recover, for all the laughs and great memories.
Aracelli Carranza
I play football for the North Bergen Bruins. Unfortunately during the summer I pulled my hamstring which caused a major setback. My Athletic train sent me here to physical therapy and the rod to recovery began. My first day here they immediately began treating my hamstring. The staff here were awesome and welcoming. They were friendly and very determined in getting me back to being 100%. Thanks to them, especially Mike, now I'm back on the field pain free and playing better than I ever was.
Ronald Fuentes
Before I began physical therapy I injured my ankle in the street slipping on a pipe in a pothole. I immediately sprained my ankle and couldn't walk properly since January 17th, 2015 until almost 3 weeks ago. I was put in a boot and this injury made me realize that we take things for grated. I couldn't walk up and down stairs without the boot, jump, run and standing was very difficult. But, Tawil Physical Therapy, Dt. T and her staff have helped me achieve getting me to 100% and returning back to my life and working. Thank you! XOXO you all are great!
Tejal Parekh
Tejal Parekh
When I started Physical Therapy it was right after my surgery. I wasn't able to to life my arm at all. Now after weeks of therapy I am back to normal. I can move my arm the way I sued too before the surgery. Once you finish therapy, you notice not only do you have a great therapist, but a great friend. Thank you! You guys are the best!
Diane Napolitano
Thank you Dr. Tawil, for careful, effective complete physical therapy medical services. I am diabetic, you certified my sugar levels properly for therapy. My right shoulder is devoid of rotator cuff tendons. I have stenosis of the spine, and shrinking discs, my legs are spastic, my neck is subject to tendonitis, and I’m arthritic in all these vital body areas. Your superb anatomical knowledge combined with strong body tenderizing hand strokes, digital and electronic applications and laser effectiveness have enabled me to physically pursue, enjoy, and retain vital body movements. Thank you for stressing the need for walking and for home exercises. Thank you for renewing my confidence and decreasing my anxiety and emotional uplift.
Tulio Quagliani
I want to thank Dr. Tawil for taking care of my injury. I’ve been injured almost 5 months with no healing results, that was before I met Dr. Tawil. I still can’t believe that with just 3 weeks of therapy sessions I am ready to hit the soccer field again. I’m honestly fully recovered with the therapy sessions she put me in. I recommend her for anyone.
Eduardo Reyes
Eduardo Reyes
Tawil Physical Therapy is great for people that have pain, in any part of the body and do NOT like to consume pain killers. They have a licensed massage therapist at their facility. They also have nutritionist that comes twice a month for consultations, and she also specializes in weight loss. If you don’t have insurance it’s OK, the prices here are very affordable. You never have to wait more than 10 minutes. Its pain-relief at its finest! Give them a call and schedule for a free physical therapy consultation!
Lazarita V
This place rocks!! Went in with a serious back issue that held me back from sports and now I feel great and back to playing football! I recommend Tawil Physical Therapy to anyone that evens has a sore neck! Keep up the great work!
Richard C
I absolutely love this place! A couple of months ago, I was so tired of my back pain and from seeing a few lousy doctors (including physical therapists and a chiropractor) I was about to get back surgery. I couldn’t cough without having pain in my lower back, I couldn’t run without having a jolt of pain go down my legs, and I certainly couldn’t get up from bed. To make matters worse, I’m only 20 years old! Thankfully, about two weeks before I was scheduled to have surgery Tawil physical therapy opened up. I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical. However, I kept hearing amazing recommendations from my friends in the neighborhood so I thought I’d give it a try. I’m so grateful to have found this hidden gem. The staff is super friendly and always willing to help. The facility is maintained very well and all the equipment is brand new. Appointments are easy to make and there is rarely ever a waiting period. The doctor takes her time and makes sure to go over any questions you may have. It’s been about a month since I’ve started going to Tawil physical therapy and already I can see great results. The intensity of my back pain has lowered and I have been able to return to some basic level of exercise. I have stenosis and a bulging disc, so I know I won’t be cured so quickly but it’s a great feeling knowing that I’m getting better day by day! To finish, if you want a caring doctor, a great environment, and to be pain free try it out!
Liana M. Hoboken
Therapy… therapy… therapy. Although I heard of people saying they had done physical therapy, it never came across my mind that I would ever have to go through that process. Unfortunately, I had an accident with my knee and, as a result, I ended up with bursitis. I have to say that physical therapy made a big impact in my life. It taught me how to be strong and believe in my own self. The process wasn’t easy, I can say for sure, but it sure made me realize that there’s nothing more amazing than fighting for yourself. I remember telling Michelle, “I can’t do this, I really can’t.” Tears almost fell down because I really thought I couldn’t, but all she said, like always, with a confident smile, was, “Oh, yes you can.” In fact, she added more to each exercise. I came to the conclusion that if she said I could do it, I was definitely able to do even more than what was written in the exercise list. I can’t thank God enough for giving me Michelle and Ray as therapists. They believed I could be capable of running a marathon, even when I thought I couldn’t even get up. I’m now back on my feet 101% and I can say that all the pain, sweat, exercises, soreness and tears were all worth it! My hope is that Tawil Physical Therapy succeeds each day more and more! Thank you! Thank you for having faith and never giving up on me!
Rebecca Soto
After only two short weeks, Michelle Tawil has greatly improved my life. Everyday was a constant struggle and extremely painful until I met Michelle. Through her patience, dedication, extensive knowledge and skill set, the pain in my back and foot is now bearable. Once again, I am able to live my life as normal and pain free. Michelle is truly wonderful. Thanks Tawil Physical Therapy.
Dania Gonzalez

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